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I am a freelance web designer currently based in Falmouth, Cornwall. I specialise in WordPress, although have experience in other content management systems too.

Web design that just works

Web design is not just about looking good on screen. It’s also about functionality, ease of use, accessibility for users with special needs, and nowadays, most importantly, about responsive design that works on all devices, be they a standard computer screen, a phone, or a tablet. I design for all of these.

I test all my sites in a multitude of browsers, operating systems and devices to ensure they work properly, or, as in often the case in older browsers, at least ‘degrade gracefully’ — meaning they still work, even if they don’t look the same as they would in a modern browser. This is one of the realities of the web experience. All too often sites won’t even work in older browsers. Mine do.

So, whether you want a fancy web design with all the bells and whistles, or just a cheap ‘off the shelf’ site using a ready made theme — but still with great functionality — contact me today!

Responsive and adaptive web design

You may have heard these latest buzzwords. In a nutshell, they are about designing a website to be usable in all devices. As an increasing number of people will look at you site on their phone or tablet, it’s vital that it works as well as if they were using a desktop computer. That’s why I design with all devices in mind.

This site would be classified as adaptive, meaning the layout changes according to which device you are using. It allows me to use a bit more of a fancy design for larger screens, while phones and other small screens see a simpler layout. It’s just the way I decided to go with this site. A responsive web design would look similar in all devices; it would simply have a more fluid layout. Which would be better for you? Well, that’s something to be discussed before the job begins. Take a look at this explanation of responsive vs adaptive web design (new window).

User experience

Falmouth harbour. Nothing to do with web design, I know. But nice anyway.
Falmouth harbour. Nothing to do with web design, I know. But nice anyway.

User experience, or UX, is another important issue. A site that’s not easy to navigate is one that loses users. A site that takes longer than about 3 seconds to load is likely to lose them. Your users are demanding. And not patient. That’s why I take the issue of usability very seriously. Good reasons to choose Don Atherton Web Design!

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a subtle art. It’s all about your keywords and how you use them in your content. That’s the key really — content. If you want to be seen in Google and the rest, think about your content. Obviously there’s a bit more to it, but only a few technical details. Content is king. I can give you a few pointers.