Web Design

A simple, easy to update website setup

Perhaps all you want is a website set up, with or without the need for regular updating, consisting of a few pages. You want to say something about your hobby, advertise your club, or just say ‘hello’ to the world. Or you may be a small business wanting to advertise your services, or maybe you have a holiday home you want to rent out. Or maybe a blog.

If this is what you want, then all you need is some webspace (which I can also help with), possibly even free (as some internet service providers offer), a domain name (something.co.uk), some pages to put there, and a way for people to contact you.

I recommend WordPress, with a ready made theme (which you can choose — and change — yourself), and maybe a few plugins to increase functionality. Alternatively you may not even need to update. Just a few simple pages. No problem; as they say, no job too small.

I can provide any of this very economically, fitting any budget. Prices start at £200 (plus expenses for domain name, hosting etc.) for a simple WordPress setup, with concessions available for charities, campaign groups or low-waged individuals. Contact me for details.