Why WordPress?

There are many reasons why WordPress has become the web’s favourite content management system.

It started out in 2003, and initially grew into a blogging platform. However, since then, it has grown even further into a fully-fledged content management system. Its greatest strengths are its ease of use and its flexibility. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress. Text is easy to add and edit, images also. Linking (embedding) video or audio is a cinch.

But it needn’t stop there. With the use of plugins its functionality can take your site almost anywhere.

Take a look at more reasons to use WordPress.

What can I do for you with WordPress?


I am an experienced WordPress developer. Indeed, this site uses a theme I designed from scratch.

So, if you wanted a custom theme I would be happy to develop it. Alternatively, for an inexpensive option, you could choose a ready made theme — one of mine or one of the many available from WordPress.


Plugins add extra functionality to a site. Nowadays you can get plugins for all sorts of things, from adding a small widget to a complete online shop. Whatever you want your site to do, there’s bound to be a plugin for it. If not, perhaps I could design one.